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Are you a student or office worker who regularly needs to scan documents? Then you should have to try this CamScanner Pro Apk2020 with which you can scan your images, ID cards, Docs, and convert it to PDF, word, or even print it in high quality.

You can download the latest version of CamScanner pro mod apk from the above link.

The best document scanning and sharing application that digitizes your image or documents on the go. Just install the CamScanner pro and scan image. It’s that simple.

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CamScanner uses your android camera to click a picture and resize it according to your needs. You can later save that scanned image as PDF or DOCs in your cloud storage. Also, AI technology automatically scans the image for text and highlight it.

But as we know, to use its full potential, we have to buy their premium pack which costs around 4.99$ when you buy for a month. If you buy their yearly pack, then it will cost you nearly 49.92$.

So today, I am giving you a CamScanner premium apk 2020 where you can enjoy all its premium features for free. That means You don’t need to pay a single penny to use this awesome scanner application.

What Is CamScanner Pro Apk

CamScanner Pro Apk is the modified (Cracked) version of the official CamScanner application where you can use all its premium features like No ads, Unlimited scans, E-signature, and many more for free. Now convert your images to excel version, create your e-signature, scan text from a book, with this premium apk, you can do all these things without going to cyber cafe.

With CamScanner mod apk, you can:

  • Extract text from images
  • Create high-quality pdf from images
  • Share scanned documents with other
  • Download your pdf file on desktop using a web app
  • Access your scanned document from anywhere
  • Digitize any important documents
  • Enjoy unlimited scanning for free

From scanning your favorite recipes to organize your billing invoices, there are so many awesome things that you can do with CamScanner.

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One of the best thing about CamScanner Pro2020 is that this application has its intelligent algorithm which perfectly crops and optimizes your picture so that you can get clear documents even if you scan a low-quality image.

Features Of CamScanner Pro Mod Apk

As I previously said, this CamScanner mod apk is filled with cool and useful features. Below, I am explaining some features that I liked the most in this application. If you think I had missed any features, then you can comment down. I would love to see your response to this world’s best document scanner.

Unlimited Scans

This is the most important feature of this CamScanner pro apk. As we know, the Unlimited scans feature is also present in the free version but we are getting something more in the premium version. If you ever used a free version then you may notice that, after scanning any documents, we need a premium pack to edit it. But with this unlimited scan feature, we can now scan any image or document and convert it into DOC, excel, and pdf without any limitation.

Also, now you can make a collage of any of your scanned documents in a very professional way. This feature will be useful when you are scanning any ID card where you must have to print both the back and front side of the image.

No Watermarks

So, what is a watermark? Watermark is a faint design or symbol embedded in a document by a brand or creator. For example, many time you may have noticed that there are some fainted letters on government’s document which embedded by the officer to prevent duplicate documents. This fainted letter is known as a watermark.

When you edit any image or export any pdf file, CamScanner automatically embeds watermark to the exported documents. To remove this watermark, we need to buy a premium plan. But with this CamScanner Pro apk, you can easily remove the watermark and give your document a professional look.

Unlimited OCR credit

This is my favorite feature of this CamScanner pro mod apk. As we know, in the free version, we get only 4 OCR credit which is not enough if you are scanning and long types of documents. But in this premium apk, you will get 1000 scans/month which is enough to scan more than 1000 images.

So, you may have a question that what is OCR and how to use it?

OCR is the process of scanning text from the image or scanned document. Scan your image with CamScanner pro, and it will intelligently find out text present in the image. Later you can copy that text or print it through fax.

Free Cloud Uploads

No matter what documents you use, you must have to take a backup of them so that there will be no risk of losing it. But as we know, when we scan any document through the scanner, we have to manually backup it which takes lots of time and effort.

With CamScanner premium apk, you can do the same task without doing any hard work. After scanning any document, you can upload it to cloud storage in just one click. Also, you can assign any 3rd party cloud storage to your account for more backup options.

No Ads

This the main problem of any free version application. But in CamScanner pro mod apk, you will get ad-free experience so that you can do your work without being annoyed by popup ads.

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As we know, when we open CamScanner, one ads popup which we can skip after 5 seconds. This is annoying when we urgently need to scan any document. So we had removed all types of ads that show in the application like On-display ads, popup ads, and banner ads.

Some More Features

Below are some more features you would love.

  • Quick search enable
  • Sync documents on any platform
  • Backup important document using 10gb cloud storage
  • All premium features unlocked
  • Book scan mode activated
  • Unlimited image collage

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How To Download and Install CamScanner Pro Apk

Well, downloading any application from Thinkkers is a straight forward task. Anyone who knows how to install an application on android can easily install it. Still, for new users, I am writing this guide so that you can easily download and install it without scrapping your mind.

Step 1: First of all, click on the above ‘Go To Download Page’ button. After that, you will be redirected to the CamScanner pro download page. There I had given two files i.e., CamScanner Apk and CamScanner Pro License Key Apk.

Step 2: Now, get your file by clicking the ‘Start Download’ button. Your CamScanner mod apk will start downloading in seconds. If you still have confusion, then you can follow the below screenshot.

Step 3: After getting your file, open your File Manager and open mod apk. If you are installing any apk file from the file manager for the very first time, then it may show you some warning.

  • This is an optional step. If you didn’t find any warning like this, then skip this step and install the application as you always do.

Step 4: Click on settings option and turn on ‘allow from this sources’ option. Again click back button and install your application.

Step 5: This time it will install without any error.

Step 6: You must have to install given two files otherwise premium features won’t work.

Note: Uninstall and previous application of CamScanner before installing this version, otherwise it may show installation failed error.

How To Use CamScanner Pro Apk

People Also Ask(FAQs)

Pro 2006 scanner hack pc

Pro 2006 Scanner Hack Download

I know, there are lots of questions currently running in your mind. Below, I tried to answer some of the important questions that users ask me. If you think I haven’t picked up your question or if you have any problem, then you can comment down. I would love to solve your queries.

Is this CamScanner Premium mod Apk safe to use?

Yes, this CamScanner is 100% safe to use and you can scan your document without any issue. As I always say, any application that I posted on thinkkers is tested by me. I check all mods for correct working, bugs, and hidden malware. If mod apk passes all of my tests, then I publish it here.

Can I scan text from the old photocopy?

Yes, you can. This is the reason, why we are using this premium application. I once use this CamScanner to scan old, fainted documents, and it works as expected. It automatically scans all the text present in the document and creates a new copy which was much more clear and vibrant than the old one.

Can I scan my PAN card using this CamScanner Premium Apk?

Yes, you can scan your ID card in a very professional way. CamScanner has an ID scan feature by which you can scan your document’s front and last page. Also, you can save your scanned document in PDF, Docs, or even in Excel file.

Which version is it?

I had shared the latest version of the CamScanner app which is v5.23.5.20200826, the same as the play store version. If you want to get the latest version each time, then I would suggest you should bookmark this page. So that, whenever we update apk, you get notified.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s it, guys. I hope you got the latest version of CamScanner pro apk2020. With this CamScanner pro mod apk, you can use all premium features for free.

If you like our today’s mod the don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, if you have any problem regarding this pro apk, then you can comment down. I will definitely help you. 馃榾

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The Pro-2006 is considered by many to be the best scanner ever produced in terms of sensitivity and selectivity. It is a conventional base model, and was made famous by Bill Cheek, because of the extensive amount of innovative modifications.

Pro 2006 Scanner Hack

In addition to Bill's modifications, the radio was also famous for its cellular telephone monitoring modification which allowed one to cut a diode inside the scanner to receive the old analog cell phone range.

  • EHam comments on the 2006 can be found here
  • A brief listing on for this scanner can be found here Note that you must register with to view the links on this page.

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